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customer experience dayCustomers are the lifeblood of everyone’s food on the table. No matter what your income source is, it’s fueled by customers. That’s why October is one of my favorite months. It’s a time when customer experience professionals take extraordinary care to thank customers — and employees who make a difference in customer experience (CX). CX Day is in the first week of October, founded by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Take a look at and watch #cxday tweets to see tremendous creativity in celebrating customers!

ClearAction and Marketing Future Forum (sister brands) help you center your business on customers, to accelerate and sustain growth. We are expanding the fanfare all month long!

  • ClearAction is a customer experience management consultancy specializing in company-wide collaboration to resolve and prevent the thorniest drags on customer experience excellence and ROI.
  • For marketing teams, Marketing Future Forum is collaborative platform with a suite of tools and services that help drive velocity and value. It helps all marketers to bridge silos and build customer-centered agility.

In addition to reaching out with special thanks to all our consulting clients, online customers, and team members throughout October, we are offering many activities that YOU may enjoy:

October 1-31
Coaching 10% Discount Code = CXDAY

CXM Coaching topics: customer experience strategy, culture, adoption, and metrics.

Marketing Coaching topics: marketing centers of excellence, governance, metrics and customer life cycle management.

Tuesday, October 4
Customer Experience Management: How Far We’ve Come & How Far We Still Must Go: This is a talk show from 3-3:30 pm Eastern time. Lynn Hunsaker interviewed by Gary Katz.

Customer Experience 101 online course will be unveiled on CX Day. It is the fastest way to learn the basics of customer experience management: what it is, what it takes to be successful, how to develop your strategy, and how to accelerate your expertise. Leapfrog common practice norms to true best practices.

*****OCTOBER 8 is Early Bird deadline for $200 discount on the in-person CCXP exam prep course offered in San Jose — see link under 11/3 below*****

Wednesday, October 12
Are You Ready for the Future of Marketing is a fun assessment of your marketing group’s capabilities in silo-bridging, holistic thinking, stakeholder alignment, and customer-centered management.

customer experience certificationIntegrating the 6 CCXP Competencies is a webinar designed for Certified Customer Experience Professionals. The 6 competencies are: customer experience strategy, culture, adoption and accountability, design and improvement, metrics and ROI, voice of the customer and analytics. CCXP = Certified Customer Experience Professional. ClearAction is a CXPA Authorized Resource & Training provider. This live webinar is free; the recording may be purchased.

Wednesday, October 19
Marketing End-to-End Customer Experience Journey“Where Does Marketing Fit in the Customer Experience Journey?” Webcast ConversationTM is a 5-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of group discussion, repeated for 4 slides. You end up with a mini-plan to apply in your job. This is normally a Marketing Future Forum members-only event, open to the public on October 19th.

CXM Templates are resources to jump-start customer experience transformation. This is a new subscription series available for the first time on October 19th.

Wednesday, October 26
customer-centric marketing organizationHow Customer-Centered Are You? showcases a Solve-SpaceTM in the Marketing Future Forum. The game-changer in the Marketing Future Forum is its Solve-SpacesTM.

  • Within 20 minutes you can tailor a new outlook to your own job through a Fast-Track 2-page template or 5-minute podcast, or through a set of interactive objects with examples: the result is a mini-plan you can experiment with the same day.
  • Because these methods are quickly tailored and put to the test, it’s easy for your peers horizontally or vertically to rapidly gain a personal conviction of the approach’s value.
  • See this example: and
  • The Forum has numerous Solve-Spaces for aligning to customers and customer-centered business.
  • Tailored Techniques are for members only: October 26th you get a live walkthrough peek at the Forum’s power.

Customer-Focused Communication is a 6-module online course to improve relationships with customers, both internal and external. Master intended outcomes, assumptions, listening, questions, remote communications, and trusted adviser skills.

Tuesday, November 1
customer experience progressCustomer Experience Management: Progress & Aspirations: This is a talk show from 3-3:30 pm Eastern time. Ingrid Lindberg‘s specialty is B2C CXM, and Lynn Hunsaker‘s specialty is B2B CXM. It’s fast-paced sharing of humorous examples, personal experiences, and aspirations.

Friday, November 4
CCXP benefitsCCXP Exam Prep Course is the fastest way to sharpen your CXM know-how, succinctly presenting frameworks and success factors, with myth-busters to help you discern the correct exam answers. The course includes topic exploration questions, topic mastery questions, true-false and multiple choice practice questions. This is in-person training in San Jose. (Sign up by October 8th for the $200 Early Bird discount (code = CXDAY).) Volume discounts also available by signing up several colleagues together. This course is also available online for anytime, anywhere access with no expiration. See testimonials and screen shots on the course web page. You will learn many things that will propel you beyond faulty common practices to true best practices.

We hope to make the world a better place by improving customer experience management practices.

We welcome you in joining our celebration of customers throughout October. We’d love to hear from you:

  • How are you celebrating CX Day?
  • What have you found to be your most valuable capability for ensuring customer experience excellence?
We’re here to help answer your questions.
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About the Author:

Lynn Hunsaker is CEO of ClearAction, a customer experience consultancy that grows businesses by helping them become preferred — not just referred. ClearAction is architect of the CX ROI Maturity Assessment, CX ROI Building-Blocks System, and CX Enablement Playbooks for starting, expanding and energizing customer experience business results. ClearAction created the first online course covering the 6 competencies for customer experience success.

Lynn’s career in the customer experience field began in 1991 as chair of a 12-country, six-division taskforce designing customer satisfaction methodology at Sonoco Products. At Applied Materials she led company-wide customer experience transformation as Head of Corporate Quality.
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