Customer Centric Internal Branding

Customer centric internal branding revolves around customer well-being. Internal branding has various meanings, such as becoming employer of choice, communicating the company’s [...]

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Customer Centric Mission & Values

Customer-centricity is about priorities. The key is to clearly state your priorities to executives, employees and affiliates. Then reinforce these [...]

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Customer Centric Employee Engagement

Organizations that are centered around their customers know that it’s not a part-time role.  To truly be customer-centric, everyone company-wide needs [...]

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Customer-Centric Hiring Builds Trust

When customer experience requirements guide the hiring process, a company is practicing outside-in thinking. In fact, most companies that are consistently listed [...]

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Customer Centric Service Design

Imagine the power of pictorially summarizing your customer survey results so that stakeholders can understand possible customer experience improvements within [...]

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