Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

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Customer experience maturity assessment & roadmap

Customer Experience ROI Maturity Assessment 
Business results are your goal, so our proprietary assessment focuses on CX ROI.

We guide you in mastering 3 phases of customer experience maturity.

Conquer phase "A" and then proceed to phase "B", and then phase "C".

Stepping stones within each building-block are prioritized to zero-in on what will:
1) be rewarded by customers
2) become a way of life, to sustain growth

The building-blocks are a sequential flow.

They work in tandem to earn trust, loyalty,
and business results.

This model is systemic, with sequential flow, representing how to earn trust and loyalty.

The CX ROI building blocks work in tandem, just like the organs in any life-form.

"The system" is the only "silver bullet" for enduring CX ROI.

CX-Mini-Assessment Customer Experience ROI Maturity Mini-Assessment

The CX ROI mini-assessment takes just a moment to fill-in. You'll receive a one-page report with customized recommendations for the fastest route to enduring CX financial results

Customer Experience SystemCustomer experience excellence is like physical fitness. Your personal trainer would recommend stepping stones simultaneously in cardio, strength-building, flexibility, carbs, fats, proteins, and sleep.

Trying to master one of these at a time yields weaker results compared to tackling the basics in tandem.

Over time, you progress to an intermediate set of stepping stones as your capabilities grow.

Deploy the stepping stones across the CX ROI building blocks, prioritized by what customers will readily notice and reward, to achieve enduring profitability growth. Let us show you how.

Stumbling Blocks

The CX ROI gap

CX ROI Enablement

Bridge to CX ROI


Nature's ROI flow

Customer Experience


Customer Experience ROI Model

Starting CX Enablement

Activating the System

The cross-functional collaboration necessary to successfully manage the customer experience requires big picture, systems thinking. ClearAction brings very practical, well-thought out approaches to get the internal cooperation needed. ClearAction's real-world experience in process improvement is obvious.
L. Sharp, Author, Customer Relationship Intelligence
ClearAction is very dependable and detail-oriented, and has an extremely high sense of integrity. There's no question ClearAction will do what's needed to ensure the work is done correctly and the client’s best needs are taken into account.
L. Popky, Leverage2Market Associates


Access customer experience consulting expertise from people who have been in your shoes.
ClearAction has deep insights from years of leading company-wide customer experience improvement inside major companies.
Request the CX ROI Maturity Assessment
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ClearAction guides you in deploying the customer experience enablement playbook for sustainable business results.

Our analysis, facilitation, and coaching builds your capabilities.

We weave our playbook into your existing efforts, and put your executives and employees in the drivers" seat to develop and carry out your comprehensive customer experience excellence strategy. Contact us to begin developing and rolling-out your customized CX Enablement playbook.
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Q: What if we've only planned and budgeted for one of these areas to grow in maturity this year?
A: We can help you select a pace for affordable and pragmatic adoption of the full system, based on what you have in place to-date, and other factors inside and external to your company. One size never fits all in designing and deploying customer experience management.

Q: Is journey-mapping (CJM), CRM, or Net Promoter® part of this?
A: The customer experience ROI maturity assessment is tool agnostic. There are many techniques to select from to address anything in customer experience management, and we can coach you in selecting what fits best for you.

Q: Can this be done for one division?
A: Yes, we can conduct a pilot; company-wide customer experience enablement (CXE) is necessary for full ROI.

Q: How long does it take to deploy "Phase A"?
A: 1 year or less, depending on your availability and enthusiasm. See the 4-step roadmap for Phase A, Starting Customer Experience Enablement

Q: Why do you call it "Customer Experience Enablement"?
A: "Enablement" means you're striving to provide hassle-free customer experience in selecting, getting and using solutions, making it a no-brainer (enable ease of choice) for customers to want to engage with your company, versus "enticements" for them to engage. Enablement bridges voice-of-the-customer and customer engagement, earning trust by acting extensively on what customers tell you.

Q: What is significant about the "CX ROI Maturity Assessment" versus other maturity assessments?
A: Other assessments guide you in using tools, but they are not rooted in (a) how to weave-in to your company's DNA, (b) growing profitability (increasing revenue while decreasing costs), or (c) systemic sequence and connections across all the components of highly effective customer experience management.

Q: What happens after these 4 steps?
A: As part of your annual operating plan (strategic planning process), use our CXE maturity assessment to grow sophistication year by year. Customer experience excellence is a moving target and a way of life.
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