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Customer Experience Training

customer experience training

Customer experience training builds shared vision, language and skills.

Our courses emphasize topic mastery for on-the-job application.

We can customize everything to fit your intended business results.

Let us know: business goal, number of participants, job levels, topic familiarity, location(s), and timing.

Grow solid capabilities through ClearAction customer experience training. Let’s talk.


Ask An Expert
“I want to let you know how much I loved your course. You are by far the best instructor I’ve ever had. I loved that you wanted us to succeed.”
“The seminar that I attended was outstanding on many levels. Not only did I gain valuable insight into aspects of my personality and how I relate to others, but also I was taught in a lighthearted and understanding way so as to make it enjoyable.”
“ClearAction was spot on, allowing us to make value added changes. ClearAction was able to help us see how to make our messages more solution-focused and positive to strengthen customers’ view of the value our company provides to them.”
“On numerous occasions ClearAction has given superb presentations on marketing and the customer experience for our company and for the Marketing Research Association. They bring insight and knowledge along with a strong desire to succeed. Always a pleasure to work with.”
“The workshop was absolutely fantastic. Throughout every step of the planning process, you were conscientious of the detailed needs of our group. Your presentation style was very engaging but even more importantly, very real. Attendees remarked to me about how much insight they gained. I would heartily recommend you to any organization that is hoping to gain expert knowledge from someone they can trust to deliver superior results.”
“ClearAction is a leading expert in customer experience and customer relationships.
I value ClearAction’s views on the role marketing needs to take on in managing the customer experience.”
“ClearAction has taught us things that would not readily cross our minds, but have made total sense, and increased our efficiency and accuracy in many ways.”
You're ready for . . . When you want to:
Customer Experience Excellence
  • Rise above the myths of common practices
  • Learn end-to-end customer experience management
  • Know success factors of frameworks to lead customer experience
  • Get CXPA “Authorized Resource & Training” for their CCXP exam
  • Access training online anytime, anywhere, in 20-40-minute bites
  • Get instructor feedback to scenario essay questions (premium option)
  • Apply course topics to your team’s current tasks (onsite workshop)
Customer Experience Journey Mapping
  • Focus managers on improving and innovating customer experience
  • Drive changes per customers’ consequences and expectations
  • Simplify customer personas for actionability by every function
  • Zero-in on key opportunities within the end-to-end context
  • Maximize ROI on CX journey mapping by adopting 7 practices not in common use
Voice of the Customer
  • Design, collect, integrate, and present customer inputs to maximize business value
  • Listen to all influencers of buying decisions within B2B accounts, to guide repurchase success
Customer-Focused Communication
  • Build listening skills appropriate to each situation to propel your relationship growth
  • Involve your client via appropriate questions that are germane to your mutual success
  • Communicate in complex email and phone conversations to build relationships and brand strength
Customer Relationship Skills
  • Identify and adapt to the trusted adviser needs of various situations with customers, to build trust
  • Manage customer meetings to make best use of time, build trust, and achieve mutual benefits
  • Influence stakeholders for win-win outcomes and to proactively strengthen relationships
Customer Experience Cooperation Skills
  • Use cooperation techniques on-the-fly with clients or colleagues during moments of impasse
  • Recognize what stresses different thinking types, and increase progress in stressful situations
  • Map the players integral to an initiative, create a common vision, and achieve desired results


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