Customer Centric Marketing

Centering marketing on customer experience excellence goals

What’s needed for CX ROI?
Do you ensure your marketing reflects a customer-centric culture?
Have you aligned customer outreach with customer experience goals?
Does marketing support the entire customer life cycle?
Do you guide marketing through customer expectation-set personas?
Are you improving company-wide agility to align with customer opportunities?

What can be useful toward reaching these capabilities?
Marketing-customer alignment
Do you assess marketing/sales messaging and cadence-alignment to customer experience realities?
Have you assessed customer engagement methods per mutual benefits and long-term goals?
Have you defined marketing support for customer experience needs across the customer life cycle?
Marketing coordination
Do you bridge silo tendencies between marketing, sales, and service?
Are you preventing missed hand-offs with alliance/channel/field/supplier partners?
Do you use lost sales analysis and voice-of-the-customer for ongoing fine-tuning of marketing processes?
Marketing intelligence
Do you predict sales uplift according to estimated gains in Net Promoter ScoreTM?
Do you organize marketing data for customer-focused interpretation and usage?
Do you champion market intelligence usage across functions company-wide?

Customer segmentation
Have you identified natural segmentation of customers based on expectation sets?
Have you characterized customer segments (personas) by expectation-sets?

Customer Centricity Marketing


Access customer-centric marketing expertise from people who have been in your shoes.
Our team members have deep insights from years of leading company-wide customer experience improvement inside major companies.

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The experience you can expect from ClearAction:

  • Our vision: To make being anyone’s customer easier
  • Our values: Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Capability-Building
  • We are prevention-minded
  • We seek to maximize discretionary time for all parties
  • We strive to increase your in-house capabilities
  • We customize everything we do to match your specific situation
  • Our approach suits every sector and industry
  • Our guidance adapts to your technologies and VoC methodologies
  • We listen, confirm, anticipate, prevent, collaborate, and drive results
  • We want to have fun sharing our expertise with you
How to get started:

  • Tell us what you would like to achieve
  • Describe your situation: who’s involved, and why and timing
  • We’ll share how we’ve achieved similar results
  • We will describe the approaches we recommend
  • We’ll summarize our conversation in writing
  • We can help you right away through ClearCoachingTM to address immediate needs or build your business case
  • Your decision-makers will help us refine objectives and deliverables
  • When you arrange a purchase order, our in-depth work can begin
  • We will collaborate with you regarding stakeholders and other vendors
  • We’ll check our progress per agreed measures of success
  • We’ll accelerate your progress through our expert advice
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Enable customers to love you by centering your business and your employees on customers for ongoing, strong financial performance.
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