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Tuesdays 12:30-2 pm New York
Tuesdays 18:30-20:00 CET/WAT
Tuesdays 2030-2200 AST/EAT

  • March 28: Metrics & Analytics
  • April 4: Improvement & Design
  • April 11: Culture & Accountability
  • April 18: VoC & Intelligence
  • April 25: Operationalized Strategy

CCXP Masterclass Times

Saturdays 10:30-Noon Sydney
Saturdays 07:30-09:00 Manila
Fridays 4:30-6 p.m. Los Angeles

  • March 31: Metrics & Analytics
  • April 7: Improvement & Design
  • April 14: Culture & Accountability
  • April 21: VoC & Intelligence
  • April 28: Operationalized Strategy

CCXP Saturday

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Get 275 multiple-choice practice questions! (CCXP exam has 100 questions.) Each question includes a hint, explanation of correct answer, and reference to specific slide(s) in the class recordings.

Get achievement points and badges for every recording and quiz game you complete. Earn your Experience Leadership Topic Mastery Certificate after passing the scenario quizzes. Get detailed instructor feedback on each of your scenario responses. Optional: coaching and/or CXPA membership discount.

You get a workbook for each of the 5 competencies, links to templates and case studies, comprehensive yet succinct recording for each workbook, scenario exercises as adult learning essentials, multiple-choice quizzes with clues and explanations, and online quiz games.

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This course was one of the first CCXP resources out there. It was a huge help in passing with my first attempt.

Jennifer Wright, PhD, CCXPJennifer Wright, PhD, CCXP, Vice President of Customer Experience, Magellan Health

The ClearAction course goes beyond test preparation. It’s a thorough and deep review of the CX body of knowledge. I not only felt prepared to take the test, I felt prepared to take on a major CX role in my organization and to approach the work feeling confident that I could make a measurable and meaningful impact.

Vice President of Customer Experience

I might not have passed the test without taking this course. The myth-busters really pushed me over the top to answer quite a few of the questions I would have not been confident in otherwise.

The way the course is organized helped me synthesize my thoughts around the CX competencies. Even if I could have passed the exam without taking this course, it was time well spent.

Jessica Noble, CCXP, Enavate

This course was muy excellente! It really helped me uncover what I did not know and also helped me solidify my approach to CX transformation. I loved that I could listen in my car, on a tablet or at my desk. I would highly recommend this course. Worth every penny and I also passed the CCXP exam the first time!

Heather YoungerHeather Younger, J.D., CCXP, Employee Fanatix

Customer Experience is a broad topic and it would have been difficult to focus myself on the right things without this course to guide me. Lynn herself was friendly and available, making contact via email to see if she could assist in any way. I definitely believe it was worth the cost!

Jean Ochse, CCXP

Personally, I think the price paid is less than what it is actually worth. The course should be in the USD $700’s, if not more.

Thank you, Lynn Hunsaker. Great course, and helped me pass on the 1st attempt.

Ron Mozalewski, CCXP, Executive Director, Advocate Health Care

I wanted to congratulate you on your course. I felt it completely covered the material perfectly and a fellow CXPA member recommended it to me. Considering the course was concise, that is very impressive, indeed! I was able to do a complete refresher the morning of the exam.

I found the course materials excellent. They were my main source of preparation for the exam. If you have a background in CX, then the recordings and other reading materials on this site are all that you need. Lynn was also a fantastic help on specific queries that I had at different stages. She is responsive, helpful and very supportive. I would highly recommend ClearAction.

Graham Fagan, CCXP, Group Director, AIB

The course was extremely helpful. I felt that your instruction was spot on.

Thank you so much, Lynn Hunsaker. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thankful for you and ClearAction.

Carrie Weston, CCXP, Director of Customer Experience, Knape & Vogt Manufacturing

I’m happy to give credit to the prep course for ‘pushing me over the top’ in passing the CCXP exam today.

I’ve recommended ClearAction CCXP training to many others. Thanks again!

Nikki Pampalone, CCXP, Director of Customer Experience, Nationwide Insurance

Excellent resource for CCXP preparation. Very robust, complete and helpful guide. Highly recommended.

Thank you for all your help with the CCXP and other useful information about customer experience. Much appreciated!

Somesh Chablani, CCXPSomesh Chablani, CCXP, Global Head of Digital Transformation Sales, FIS

Great course, Lynn! It definitely helped me earn my CCXP credential.

Roberta O'Keith CCXPRoberta O'Keith, CCXP, Customer Experience Leader, Murphy-Hoffman

Lynn HunsakerDesigned by a company-wide CX leader, Lynn Hunsaker, who is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and CXPA Recognized Training Provider. She led customer experience transformation for many years at Fortune-250 companies as Voice of Customer Manager, Strategic Information Manager, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, Marketing Director, and Head of Global Quality. Lynn created and taught 24 college courses on marketing, advertising and business at San Jose State University, Mission College, University of California Berkeley Extension and UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension. Lynn served on the CXPA Board of Directors and she has been featured in many lists, including Top 25 Customer Success Influencers, Top 30 Customer Service Professionals, and 1 of 5 authors in the CustomerThink Hall of Fame.

(list price is USD $525 per person for the full course or $145 for 1 topic: you save $50 with immediate payment and immediate course access. ClearAction keeps prices low by avoiding supplier paperwork and delays. This frees us up to do what we love: create ongoing new value!)

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Minimum 5 participants. Content is identical in self-paced or live classes. Arrange your own 5-week series or join the waitlist for a public class series scheduled at your convenience. (list price is USD $525 per person for the full course or $145 for 1 topic: you save $50 with immediate payment and immediate course access. ClearAction keeps prices low by avoiding supplier paperwork and delays. This frees us up to do what we love: create ongoing new value!) Let us know: your preferred days and times. Call +1 408 687 9700 or send an email today. Let’s get started!

Typical series is:
Week 1: Metrics & Analytics
Week 2: Improvement & Design
Week 3: Culture & Accountability
Week 4: VoC & Intelligence
Week 5: Operationalized Strategy

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This comprehensive masterclass has been popular since 2015. It is concise, yet comprehensive! You can complete the recordings in 4.5 hours. You can easily revisit any point. Budget 15 hours total for review, workbook questions, quizzes, and links to templates and examples. Conciseness is possible via extensive course design fine-tuning and layers: visuals, audio, script text, workbooks, quiz hints, example links, and success advice.

Our experiments revealed this sequence to be advantageous to you:

Metrics & Analytics

  • Right CX metric uses
  • Actionable reporting
  • Outcomes & org strategy
  • CX statistics & mining
  • Executive buy-in . . . and more!

Improvement & Design

  • Improvement prioritization
  • CX design steps & tools
  • Continuous improvement
  • Change management
  • Interdependencies . . . and more!

Culture & Accountability

  • Assess CX maturity
  • CX communication
  • Build CX-based culture
  • Customer-centric decisions
  • CX recognition . . . and more!

VoC & Intelligence

  • Internal & external CX data
  • Design & collect VoC
  • Behavioral science
  • Qualitative & quantitative
  • Mapping & gaps . . . and more!

Operationalized Strategy

  • CX strategy template
  • Case & communication
  • CX, brand & org strategy
  • Cross-org interdependencies
  • Intentional CX . . . and more!

SAVE TIME with concise, comprehensive learning first and quizzes second. (Note: If you quiz first, learn second, then you will spend LOTS of time researching. If you read books first, you will spend LOTS of time and money without learning everything you need, and you risk even more time and expense to re-take the exam. Instead, do it RIGHT with ClearAction’s CCXP Exam Course.)

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