Lynn Hunsaker, Head Customer Experience Consultant

Lynn Hunsaker

Lynn Hunsaker is CEO of ClearAction, a customer experience consultancy that grows businesses by centering on customers’ well-being.

Lynn’s career in the customer experience field began in 1991 as chair of a 12-country, six-division taskforce designing customer satisfaction methodology at Sonoco Products.

At Applied Materials she led company-wide customer experience transformation as Voice of the Customer Manager, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, and Head of Corporate Quality.

Lynn is recognized as a seasoned customer experience thought leader, author, educator, transformationist, ROI strategist, and innovator.




Lynn is a customer experience management trailblazer:

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Lynn Hunsaker led customer experience transformation at Applied Materials with these best practices:

  • Designed our surveys to be used directly in strategic planning
  • Collected customer inputs from multiple influencers of purchase decisions in customer accounts
  • Conducted workshops with relevant customer feedback to every product line, account team, and functional area
  • Required every organization to create and follow-through on customer experience improvement action plans
  • Increased sophistication year-by-year in customer experience improvement accountability in executive bonus criteria
  • Set clear standards for customer experience break-throughs in our cross-functional team recognition program, allowing teams to submit their progress and learn from executives’ feedback
  • Blanketed the company internally with customer experience stories and progress reports
  • Revised our methodologies to be aligned in timing, format, and actionability to all levels of employees in all of our rituals (e.g. AOP, performance reviews, etc.)

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Lynn Hunsaker is CEO of ClearAction, a customer experience consultancy that grows businesses by helping them becoming preferred in their niche. ClearAction is architect of the CX ROI Maturity Assessment, CX ROI Building-Blocks System, and CX Enablement Playbooks for starting, expanding and energizing customer experience business results. ClearAction created the first online course covering the 6 competencies for customer experience success.

Lynn founded the Annual Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Best Practices Study which she conducted for 5 years. Lynn designed the world’s first benchmarking study of marketing operations practices, Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity. She co-founded and the Marketing Future Forum, and she is President and CEO of Marketing Operations Partners. Sister companies ClearAction and Marketing Operations Partners both center businesses on customers for enduring growth.

Lynn is a past instructor of marketing and advertising at UC Berkeley Extension and San Jose State University, and past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and of Bay Area Association for Psychological Type. She earned psychology and marketing degrees at BYU and her MBA at Vanderbilt University. She is a Professional Certified Marketer, Certified Quality Manager, Certified MBTI Practitioner, and Certified Customer Experience Professional.

Lynn is author of three ehandbooks: Innovating Superior Customer Experience, Metrics You Can Manage For Success, and Customer Experience Improvement Momentum. She created the Customer Experience Optimization online talk show. She has been interviewed on KCBS radio and other venues, and has written articles for,, SearchCRM, and IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub. She is 2015 Author of the Year and a special-invitation monthly columnist at

ClearAction is a Corporate Founding Member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. See more about Lynn Hunsaker’s contributions to the customer experience field at Customer Experience News.

Sonoco and Applied Materials were Fortune 250 companies when I led their company-wide customer experience initiatives.

At Sonoco I was a Strategic Information Manager in the Corporate Strategy department. In 1988-1990 I conducted hundreds of personal interviews of multiple influencers of buying decisions at our customers’ production sites, and improved year-over-year survey costs and cycle time by 50%. In 1991, I led a taskforce to develop a 20-country multi-division customer satisfaction survey methodology.

As Voice of the Customer Manager at Applied Materials in 1994, I improved our survey sophistication and both costs and cycle time by 50%. The following year I was promoted to Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, and conducted customer experience action planning workshops with 50 business units and deployed extensive internal branding to engage employees company-wide in owning the customer experience.

After 4 years I became Head of Corporate Quality for 4 more years, overseeing customer experience improvement in all facets of the company’s quality management, and influencing every organization company-wide. For 3 more years I managed customer expectations and alliances as Director of Marketing & Business Development for an internal start-up environmental products division.

See specific examples from my corporate experience in the blog posts: How I Became a Customer Experience Management Expert and Strategic Action on B2B Voice of the Customer.