Customer experience "middleware" is key to CX ROI

customer experience managementThe dilemma: "Despite 90% of respondents saying that customer experience is a top strategic priority for their firm, a shocking 86% said their companies don't actually expect to get much value from it." — Forrester 2013 State of Customer Experience report

The solution: Company-wide employee engagement in customer experience improvement is essential "middleware" connecting voice-of-the-customer practices to customer engagement practices.
customer experience management reportNote: "middleware" here is a figure of speech to represent a chasm in what's prevalent

In most companies, customer voice and engagement efforts are emphasized in relative absence of:
looking for systemic patterns in customer data
prioritizing opportunities by lifetime value
resolution of root causes of customer pain
creating mutual value in policy, process, and cultural innovations that differentiate CX

The customer experience ROI maturity roadmap has building-blocks for sustained customer experience ROI. The building-blocks formula:

C5 + I2 + E2 = CX ROI

Customer Experience ROI Model




Your CX ROI Roadmap

Starting Customer ExperienceHow to Start Your CXM Journey

When starting a customer experience initiative, you've got a great opportunity to get things right from the beginning

Expanding Customer ExperienceHow to Expand CXM Company-wide

Expanding from a division or function that's achieved CX excellence — or from a tool or program that has helped your company to-date

Energizing Customer ExperienceHow to Energize CX ROI Maturity

Customer experience excellence is an ongoing journey for any organization, anticipating and adapting to evolving customer expectations


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